Command : FLASH


[##:##] Command : flash <CNUM/CNAME> [<MESSAGE>]

The <CNUM/CNAME> argument is either the number or name of the recipient nation.

flash allows instant communication between friendly nations. flash has two different syntaxes. You can either send your friend a one line message as in:
[##:##] Command : flash Foobots Hi there, I'm back from lunch

Or you can send a multi-line message:
[##:##] Command : flash Foobots

> Hi there.
> I ate Fodderland for lunch.
> .

You can end a multi-line flash with a '.' (period) on a line all by itself.

If you do not wish to receive any flash messages from your friends, then you can temporarily turn the feature off by typing "toggle flash".

Note that if the person you are flashing is allied to you, you will be informed if they are not logged in or not accepting flashes when you attempt to flash them. This only works when *they* are allied with you, since you would normally see them logged in or not using "players"

See also : toggle , wall , declare , players , telegram , Communication