Server : Merc Empire Changes


There have been several changes/fixes made to the KSU code for the Merc V game. This will outline the various changes and how they will affect you. Bridges There was a bug which allowed planes that were on bridges that collapsed to remain in the sea sector and could be retrieved by either rebuilding the bridge or moving them onto a 100% highway. This has been fixed so that any planes upon a bridgespan which falls will be destroyed. Uncompensated Workers Uncompensated workers were not paying taxes, even though the version command provided a tax rate for them. They now pay the taxes that are shown. [##:##] Command : reject reject announcements *

This command now works, so that you can reject announcements from everybody. This is not recommended though... Technology The tech formula has been fixed so that all increases in material result in an increase in the amount of tech produced.

	if(breakthroughs > 0.75) {
		above = breakthroughs - 0.75;
		tech = 0.75 + log2(1 + above);
	else {
		tech = breakthroughs;

Grind The grind command now requires available work to grind up bars. It takes 5 avail to grind up a gold bar. Loans Loans have been removed from Merc V. This is an experiment to see how things go without loans being available. Country Names Certain commands only worked with country numbers, but they now work with country names as well. The primary command that this affects for Merc V is report. Production The production of dust/oil/rads is now limited to the resource content of the sector. It used to be possible to get more out of a sector., Starvation Sectors that have a very large number of civilians that starve will have at most 499 civilians after the update unless there was enough food to feed more than 499 civs. Attack The attack command now uses at least 1 mobility point per sector that participates in any attack. Pinpoint Bombing Pinpoint bombing now lists all the commodities in a sector that can be bombed. Production Report The production report now contains a report of what will actually be produced by your sectors at the next update. Since some of the rounding done by the update code uses a random percentage chance, it is possible that you will get 1-2 units more of some of the items. The production report command is conservative, and assumes that all rounding will be down. Version The information in the version command was modified so that the information that was printed out would reflect the actual parameters of the game.

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