Server : Bugs


Please work with your deity (see info pray) to get bugs reported to <> or via SourceForge <> (registration required).

NOTE: The following list is perennially incomplete and out of date.

The classification scheme used by report is dumb.

Guerrillas don't seem to carry the plague.

If a ship, plane, land unit or nuke is out to trade, and gets destroyed, and its owner builds a new one that gets the same number, it will go on the trading market automatically.

If two countries are cooperating, its possible to raid an enemy airport and steal the planes by putting them out to trade.

Two cooperative countries can move commodities around at no mobility cost using the market.

You can collapse enemy bridges by making a lightning raid on his bridgeheads and redesignating them, even if you only hold the bridgehead for a short time.

Player input lines are silently truncated after 1023 characters.

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